Restaurant Listing Package

£300.00 £250.00

  • Zero hidden costs or extra fees – Only pay when you receive an order – 7.5% per order.

  • FREE on-going Advertising
  • EPOS device and setup
  • Food menu Setup for you
  • Unlimited food picture uploads
  • Only pay when you sell

Your Branded App Package


  • We will create your fully branded restaurant app and publish it on the Google Play and Apple AppStore. Almost no technical knowledge is required.
  • FREE on-going Advertising
  • EPOS device and setup
  • Food menu Setup for you
  • Unlimited food picture uploads
  • Only pay when you sell
Common Questions

What is TakeawayEat?

TakeawayEat is an online food order service which allows restaurants to advertise their business and allows customers to order their food for delivery or collection.

How much is it to advertise my business on TakeawayEat and what is the commission? 

There is a one-off payment of £250 and we only charge 7.5% commission on any orders made.

What exactly do I receive when signing up my business?

Not only will your business be advertised on the TakeawayEat website. We will also provide you with free advertising across social media platforms, and you will receive your own tablet printer (EPOS).

How long does it take for my restaurant to go online?

Once the documents have been signed and payment has been made, your business will be live on TakeawayEat within 7 working days.

How does TakeawayEat compare to JustEat?

Not only do we have a cheaper sign-up fee of £250 (JustEat charges £295}, but we also charge a much cheaper commission of 7.5% per order (JustEat takes a commission of 14%).

I am interested in signing up for a custom-made app, how does it work?

As an optional extra we will provide you with a custom-made app designed specifically for your business. The app will allow you to add photos of food available on your menu and send out push notifications to your customers about any offers or updates you may have. We will also provide you with ongoing support, so you don’t need to worry about not having experience with apps. This is all for a one-off payment.

How do I advertise my custom-made app?

Not only will TakeawayEat advertise and market your business across all social media platforms, but you will also receive 5000 custom designed leaflets complete with QR code making it even easier for customers to download the app.

Financial Questions

Setup cost please?
The setup cost is the price you see above. That includes everything you need to get going! - After that its 7.5% commission every new order and theres no monthly fees or extra charges.
What are your charges and rates?
The prices you see above are the seup registration cost - Simply there-after we charge 7.5% on every order. They are no monthly fees or extra charges.
How often do you pay me?
Every week! - We will send you a statement with a breakdown of your earnings and send payment to your UK bank account automatically for you.

What if I want to cancel?
We offer a no quibble cancellation policy! - Also there is no charge to cancel. We simply ask if you could kindly return back to the printing touch screen device to us.

If your company was to go into administration/liquidate would my app still be operational?
In the event, Takeaway Eat Limited goes into administration your ability to process card payments may be affected, however to rectify this we would offer you an alternative payment processor.

Is there any opening incentive for the customer?
Opening incentive to the customers. For example, Aryans app they are offering 10% off to their customers for a limited period. In another case Koochini who also use our software are offering 20% off to their customers if they spend above £10 per order. You can set these offers easily using the mobile business app on your mobile phone.

Hardware and Connectivity

Is the device included?
Yes, The device is fully included whatever package you use at no extra cost. It is a touch screen tablet with a printer so you can easily manage your orders and food menu using the device. You can put a SIM Card in it if you like or simply connect using Wi-Fi. You can also install the business app on your mobile phone to manage your app and menu easily.

How long till I am up and running?
Upon completing signup you should expect go to live within 7 working days. Please add an addtional 3 days if you have selected the "Your Branded App Package" package.

My signal is terrible - Can i use a SIM card?
Yes, you can use any UK SIM card using our hardware. You can arrange one with your own provider or we can provide one for you at only £10 per month.

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